The Serengeti Wall Lamp is a tribute to the vast and wild beauty of the Serengeti. This lamp, with its unique drop shape, captures the essence of the African plains and open skies, reflecting the freedom and majesty of the wild.
The creative and unique design of this piece not only lights up the room but also serves as an artistic point of interest, bringing a piece of the African savanna into the home. The singular appearance of the Serengeti Wall Lamp, with its smooth lines and fluid shape, offers a modern and elegant approach to interior lighting.
The light that softly diffuses through its drop-shaped structure creates a warm and inspiring environment, perfect for those looking to combine aesthetics with natural inspiration. This piece is ideal for spaces that want to highlight a love for nature and adventure, providing lighting that is both a work of art and a tribute to the stunning Serengeti.
W 25 Cm | 10 In
D 20 Cm | 8 In
H 45 Cm | 18 In


Clean & Care
Dry Cloth

Possibility to Customize Sizes and Colors


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