The Goreme Wall Lamp brings the mysterious charm of Goreme’s rock formations directly into the home environment. Inspired by the unique nature of Cappadocia, this lighting piece features a distinctive shape of a half-split egg, symbolizing natural beauty and transformation.
The texture and contour of the lamp capture the essence of the famous fairy chimneys, providing not just illumination but also a piece of art that invites reflection and wonder. The choice of this innovative and organic design makes the Goreme Wall Lamp a striking addition to any space, offering a soft light that emanates serenely and evenly through its unique structure.
Ideal for environments seeking to incorporate elements of nature in a stylish and minimalist manner, the Goreme Wall Lamp is a celebration of unusual beauty and ancient history, turning any wall into a masterpiece of lighting and design.


W 25 Cm | 10 In
D 20 Cm | 8 In
H 45 Cm | 18 In


Clean & Care
Dry Cloth

Possibility to Customize Sizes and Colors


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