Timeless Elegance Inspired by Rolls Royce

The Royce Sideboard, a deviation from the city-inspired theme, stands as a timeless piece with a unique origin. Originally named in homage to the luxurious automobile brand Rolls Royce, this sideboard shares more than just a name with its prestigious counterpart. Both embody premium craftsmanship, exquisite finishes, and a commitment to timeless design.
In a departure from the city-centric inspiration, the Royce Sideboard features distinctive door openings that elegantly swing inwards from the sides, creating a sense of grandeur. The FOZ emblem, engraved in leather, takes center stage, adding a touch of sophistication and brand identity to this exceptional piece.
The Royce Sideboard is a tribute to enduring elegance, drawing parallels with the opulence and attention to detail associated with Rolls Royce. As a hallmark of the FOZ collection, this sideboard transcends trends, making a statement in any space with its premium design and meticulous craftsmanship.



W 120 Cm | 47 In
D 57 Cm | 22 In
H 90 Cm | 35 In


Clean & Care
Dry Cloth

Possibility to Customize Sizes and Colors


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