Harmony Inspired by Balinese Nature

The Bali Center Table is a set of four oak wood tables with walnut tabletops, capturing the essence of nature in Bali. This incredible ensemble features three modules of varying sizes, each contributing to the overall harmony.
Inspired by the lush landscapes of Bali, the combination of oak and walnut reflects the natural beauty of the island. The Bali Center Table is not just a piece of furniture; it’s a tribute to the serene and captivating nature of Bali, bringing a touch of the island’s tranquility to your living space.



1- W 40 Cm | 16 In
D 40 Cm | 16 In
H 22 Cm | 9 In
2- W 40 Cm | 16 In
D 40 Cm | 16 In
H 39 Cm | 15 In
3- W 40 Cm | 16 In
D 40 Cm | 16 In
H 46 Cm | 18 In


Clean & Care
Dry Cloth

Possibility to Customize Sizes and Colors


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