A Mountainous Symphony of Comfort and Creativity

Inspired by the serene landscapes of Kyoto, where tradition meets innovation, the Kyoto Armchair stands as a unique homage to the city’s cultural richness. This distinctive piece features two backs, one smaller than the other, reminiscent of two mountains, creating a visual poetry that pays tribute to Kyoto’s scenic beauty.
The Kyoto Armchair invites you to experience the ultimate in comfort with its fully upholstered, plush seat. The aesthetic opening underneath, mirroring the mountainous inspiration of the backs, adds a touch of creativity to the design. The entire piece, swathed in bouclé, becomes a canvas of comfort and ingenuity, making it a standout creation in any space.
This armchair transcends the ordinary, offering not just a seat but a work of art that tells a story of cultural reverence and design innovation. The Kyoto Armchair is a testament to the harmonious blend of tradition and creativity, inviting you to indulge in the beauty of Kyoto from the comfort of your living space.



W 100 Cm | 39 In
D 81 Cm | 32 In
H 83 Cm | 33 In


Clean & Care
Dry Cloth

Possibility to Customize Sizes and Colors


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