Natural Elegance Inspired by Nusa Penida

The Nusa Center Table is a three-piece ensemble designed to seamlessly come together. Inspired by the scenic beauty of Nusa Penida in Indonesia, each piece is meticulously crafted from oak wood with walnut tabletops, creating a perfect surface for placing glasses.
Drawing inspiration from the nature of Nusa Penida, this table set brings a touch of the Indonesian island’s allure to your living space. With varying dimensions, the Nusa Center Table is not just a functional piece; it’s a symbol of natural elegance and a homage to the picturesque landscapes of Nusa Penida.



1- W 40 Cm | 16 In
D 40 Cm | 16 In
H 22 Cm | 9 In
2- W 40 Cm | 16 In
D 40 Cm | 16 In
H 39 Cm | 15 In
3- W 40 Cm | 16 In
D 40 Cm | 16 In
H 46 Cm | 18 In


Clean & Care
Dry Cloth

Possibility to Customize Sizes and Colors


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