Lakeside Opulence and Enchanting Elegance

The Como Dining Table draws inspiration from one of Italy’s most beautiful regions, the enchanting Lago di Como. Just like the premium allure and charming vibe of this picturesque lake, the Como Dining Table captures attention with its exquisite design.
Featuring two oval legs and two with wooden slats, this dining table mirrors the tranquil beauty of Lago di Como. The perfect harmony of walnut and pearl white colors contributes to the overall elegance of the piece, creating a sophisticated and inviting atmosphere in any dining space.
Embrace the essence of lakeside opulence and enchanting elegance with the Como Dining Table, a tribute to the breathtaking scenery and timeless allure of Lago di Como.



W 300 Cm | 118 In
D 130 Cm | 51 In
H 75 Cm | 30 In


Clean & Care
Dry Cloth

Possibility to Customize Sizes and Colors


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