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A Tribute to Graceful Curves and Iconic Silhouettes

In the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro, where the rhythm of Samba meets the tranquil beauty of Sugarloaf Mountain, the Rio Chair emerges as a symbol of sophistication. This best-selling piece draws inspiration from the city’s pulsating energy and iconic landmarks.
The Rio Chair features a minimalist seat, but it’s the distinct backrest that elevates this piece to new heights. With a curvature reminiscent of the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue, the chair becomes a work of art. The smooth, graceful lines pay homage to Rio’s cultural richness and the awe-inspiring landscapes that define the city.
More than just a chair, the Rio Chair is a testament to the fusion of design and cultural significance. Its silhouette echoes the spirit of Rio de Janeiro, where curves tell stories of passion, rhythm, and architectural marvels. Join the many who have made the Rio Chair a best-seller and invite the spirit of Rio into your living space.


W 63 Cm | 25 In
D 57 Cm | 22 In
H 82 Cm | 32 In

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A Plush Haven Inspired by Italian Opulence
In the enchanting city of Venice, where canals weave through historic architecture, the Venice Armchair comes to life as a symbol of refined comfort and elegance. This armchair, adorned with a soft bouclé feather, exudes an air of plush luxury, paying homage to the opulence synonymous with Italian design.

The Venice Armchair is a cocoon of comfort, featuring a fully upholstered seat that invites you to sink into its soft embrace. The legs gracefully converge in a curved design, providing a plush resting place for the arms. The backrest, equally soft and inviting, completes the ensemble, ensuring a luxurious and relaxing experience.

This armchair is not just a piece of furniture; it’s a plush sanctuary inspired by the richness of Italian design. The soft bouclé exterior adds a touch of sophistication, making the Venice Armchair a statement piece that effortlessly combines comfort with style—a true reflection of the luxurious ambiance found in the heart of Venice.

W 95 Cm | 37 In
D 82 Cm | 32 In
H 75 Cm | 30 In
Elevate Your Space with Spanish Elegance

Introducing the Cadiz Bench, a versatile piece designed primarily for the foot of your bed. Inspired by the charming city of Cadiz in Spain, this bench boasts bouclé upholstery and distinctive dual-toned side panels.
With a nod to the rich cultural heritage of Cadiz, this bench brings Spanish elegance to your space. The sumptuous bouclé fabric and carefully chosen colors make it a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition, enhancing both style and comfort in your home.


W 150 Cm | 59 In
D 50 Cm | 20 In
H 60 Cm | 24 In
Inspired by FOZ, a premium area connecting the river to the sea in the city of Porto, the brand incorporates this unique atmosphere, reflecting an eclectic and harmonious identity. Primarily using walnut and oak woods, along with light bouclé fabrics, FOZ Furniture imparts a distinct identity to each piece.

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To explore all the possibilities your space can offer, we invite you to request our exclusive catalog. Send us a direct message expressing your interest, and allow us to enrich your world with elegance and innovation. 

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Inspired by the magical sight of hot air balloons floating over Cappadocia at dawn, the Cappadocia Suspension is an ode to the serenity and beauty that characterize this iconic Turkish landscape. This hanging lamp, with its unique wave-like design, captures the essence of the gentle contours of balloons dancing among the rock formations, bringing the calm and inspiration of those sublime moments indoors. The minimalist shades of beige invoke the peaceful dawn, reflecting the tranquility and natural beauty of the region in every detail.

The Cappadocia Suspension transcends traditional lighting functionality, becoming a centerpiece of any setting. It represents not just a source of light but a slice of the soul of Cappadocia, inviting onlookers to dream and lose themselves in the splendor of the Turkish skies.
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