Beyond the concern for design, FOZ Furniture also emphasizes sustainability. The brand aims to minimize its environmental impact and strives to become a brand that thinks not only about the present but also the future. We acknowledge our responsibility for the entire product life cycle, not just from its creation but also through its end. We choose our producers and partners for their quality and commitment to sustainability. Reforestation is also a fundamental aspect for us. This means that every time a tree is cut to produce FOZ pieces, others are replanted to ensure that the life cycle is not interrupted, and nature receives back what it has given. Our responsibility extends to the consumer as we aspire for FOZ pieces to be timeless. To achieve this, we use the best materials, promoting the longevity of each piece, with durability being a key measure of ecodesign. We also optimize processes to combat waste and reduce our ecological footprint. Together, we contribute to building a better future.