Where Minimalism Meets Swiss Harmony

In the serene city of Zurich, where the Alps stand tall and pristine lakes reflect the tranquil beauty, the Zurich Chair takes shape. Aptly named, this chair is a reflection of the city’s inherent harmony and minimalist charm.
The Zurich Chair boasts a distinctive wooden bar that traverses the seat, gracefully supporting the backrest. This minimalistic piece harmoniously melds walnut wood and bouclé upholstery, creating a comfortable and visually appealing masterpiece.
Much like Zurich’s architectural precision and the surrounding natural beauty, the Zurich Chair is an ode to simplicity and comfort. The warm tones of walnut echo the city’s welcoming atmosphere, while the bouclé upholstery adds a touch of texture, mirroring the diversity found within Zurich’s cultural tapestry.


W 63 Cm | 25 In
D 57 Cm | 22 In
H 80 Cm | 31 In


Clean & Care
Dry Cloth

Possibility to Customize Sizes and Colors


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