The Bristol Wall Lamp from FOZ Furniture is an embodiment of urban elegance and the historical heritage of the city of Bristol. This unique lighting piece, with its tapered cone shape and rough surface, evokes the blend of old and new that the city represents.
Designed to capture the essence of innovation and tradition, the Bristol Wall Lamp perfectly complements environments looking for a touch of industrial sophistication without losing elegance.The rough texture and tapered shape of the lamp are not merely aesthetic details; they reflect the robustness and history of Bristol’s buildings and landscapes, while directing light in a gentle and welcoming manner, creating an inviting and well-lit ambiance.
Ideal for those who appreciate design with meaning and history, the Bristol Wall Lamp is a piece that illuminates not just the physical space but also the character and inspiration behind the decor.


W 27 Cm | 11 In
D 15 Cm | 6 In
H 45 Cm | 18 In


Clean & Care
Dry Cloth

Possibility to Customize Sizes and Colors


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