About Us

FOZ Furniture emerges from the passion for interior design and decoration of its CEO and founder, Luís Leão, a native from Paços de Ferreira, the epicenter of furniture production in Portugal.
The idea took root in 2020 during the pandemic, with the brand proposing a collection of Quiet Luxury furniture characterized by excellence and minimalism capable of enriching any space.
Inspired by FOZ, a premium area connecting the river to the sea in the city of Porto, the brand incorporates this unique atmosphere, reflecting an eclectic and harmonious identity. Primarily using walnut and oak woods, along with light bouclé fabrics, FOZ Furniture imparts a distinct identity to each piece.
While focusing on the national market, FOZ Furniture especially concentrates on internationalization, aiming to spread the “made in Portugal” quality beyond borders.
FOZ Furniture’s proposition, where “less is definitely more“, stands out as one of the brand’s key strengths, coupled with the prestige of Portugal’s furniture industry, recognized as one of the best in the world.
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